Another Project – ASEF “The Story Teller Project”

This is one project that I currently working on.

My teacher assigned me to help with her project on ASEF ClassNet Program that can be accessed here

One of the project that ASEF ClassNet working on is Story Teller Project that managed by my teacher, the one Intan Kandhi Sukmi, she assigned me to help her create a website so the student that join the project could share the story to each other with ease.

At first, the project started at my mid-term exam so I really had a small amount of time to create and finish the project, one of them is template for the home page. I planned to use WordPress as a static page but I found most of the theme are too heavy and slow for my low-cost web hosting service that I use.

I decided to use a free and template from with the Brussels-light theme on it. I use the WordPress as a blog service for the student to post and let the teacher approve before the story published.

The theme I used is Twenty Fourteen theme because it had the simplicity and menu placement that I really liked. I set every new registered user with contributor Role model and I edited the role using WPFront Role Editor that also allow me to define a different menu placement for different user. (guest, administrator, contributor).

I removed most of the Visual Editor JavaScript so the post setting only allow Text only editor to preserve the performance with this hosting I used. But still maintain the capability to post via other with Jet Pack functionality that also allow the user to proofread the text before it published as it was very important for student that her or his country isn’t using English as their main language as neither do I.

I use a couple of handy plugins to enhance the user experience and administrator control and one of them was Sticky Note that I and my teacher used to post the rules and tutorial in the contributor WP Dashboard.

Some of my friend suggested that I use a Cache plugin to improve the performance but after I continually tested it, the result was unreliable within in a long run. I decided to register on a free CloudFlare account to manage this site.

The result was incredible, I received a most improvement in speed after using the default cache with Auto Minify and Rocket Loader to improve the JavaScript performance that most of the impact caused by the JetPack scripts.

After all of this the website was almost ready to use and I’m still working to improve everything on it, including increasing the performance score on GTMetrix and PingDom.

Feel free to browse the website, although it still isn’t finished yet.

And if you’re a student and want to join the project that will started this month, you can contact my teacher at



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