One of my useless project – VirAtt Virus Scanner

This is VirAtt Virus Scanner, one of my project that I used to help me learn how to code a computer program using the ancient Visual Basic 6 Professional. ‘I pirated it, of course.

The original source code was gathered in planetsourcecode that I downloaded because I was curious with the algorithm of this simple and useful code for learning a file I/O in VB.

I cannot give you the original link to the source code because planetsourcecode receiving a major data loss this couple month and destroying many of my early project and this original source code in question.

The detection mechanism was very simple and straightforward, the program basically check the existence of a file determined in a database that I created within the code variables, when detected the listbox in the form will flashed red on certain item that was detected and offer to kill and unload virus.

The kill part was to end the running process in task manager with the same filename on the database, and unload basically tried to delete the file.

I modified the engine to fix some broken registry if the virus tried to disabled some crucial windows utilities such as Task Manager, Registry Editor, and MSConfig.

The software was released in open-source with GPLv3 license as the original source code was released with a GPLv2.

Feel free to modify or just learn a basic on file and registry manipulation using VB6.


Author: nerdv2

Just another programmer who eager to learn more.

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